Art by Katalin Varga

A harmonious blend of contemporary art and natural values, focusing on the beauty and protection of flora and fauna.

Artdilla | Katalin Varga

Artdilla &
Katalin Varga

I am Katalin Varga, the creator and founder of the Artdilla brand.


My trademark ARTDILLA is protected by a Community trademark in the European Union (EUIPO). Artdilla was born from the word squirrel, so it was a double pleasure to announce this on the shores of the turquoise ocean: on the island of Fuerteventura, next to squirrels.


In my work, I express harmony between my own and my clients' approaches using the tools of modern contemporary art, in addition to uniqueness. In the creation of my works, I draw inspiration from my travel experiences, as well as from music, literature and emotions. Each of my paintings speaks to a different person through synaesthesia. It affects everyone differently: it makes you think, typically liberates you and evokes a positive feeling.


Nowadays, contemporary art collecting is not only a visual experience but also an excellent investment. Buying your first original painting can also replace cheap posters and mass imported replicas.


Through my art I want to draw attention to the beauty and protection of our environment, so I use natural colours and materials in my work. I offer my paintings primarily for private homes and community spaces in businesses.
In addition to existing creations, it is also possible to create products and services to meet the specific needs of customers.


"An artwork on your wall reflects your culture, your ideas about life." - Judit Virág art historian

My latest creations

My latest creations

Dimensions: 43 x 33 cm Technique: acrylic, canvas, painting knife, framed ...
Dimensions: 52 x 52 cm Technique: acrylic, canvas, mixed media, framed ...
The lack of tourists has resulted in more baby seals being born, making them the winners of the pandemic. Dimensions: 40 x 30 cm Technique: acrylic, stretched canvas, mixed media ...

Environmental awareness for all
every brush stroke

Environmental awareness behind every brushstroke

Through my art, I want to draw attention to the beauty and protection of our environment, so I use natural colours and materials in my work. In addition to plant life, the protection of wildlife is also very important to me, so I use animal-friendly tools, materials and techniques in most of my works. If you care as much as I do about preserving the living environment and creating a more beautiful future, I encourage you to take a look at my work and I selflessly ask you to help promote it for our common cause! :)